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Instrument Management and QC

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1. Method, Instrument and Calculation integrity

At some labs an analysis service, can be executed on one of many different instruments. The method may differ between the instruments

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2. Corrective Action

When an internal calibration test (reference, blank or control) fails for an instrument, it has to be withdrawn from service and all unverified results produced by it invalidated

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3. Calibration certificates

Whether labs make use of external contractors to test and issue calibration certificates for instruments, and or use in-house calibrations, the LIMS uses records of these to keep instruments in commission

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4. In-house Instrument QC

Labs may also run internal calibration tests against pre-prepared solutions or reference standards at regular intervals during the day. And these results are used to administer Instrument QC. Instrument details are captured with all QC results, as with routine analyses, on Worksheets.

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5. Flow charts - method, instrument and calculation combinations

configuring permissible permutations of analysis method, instrument and calculations for analyses, and using these combinations when capturing results

5.1. Capturing method, instrument and calculation for a result


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Please read in conjunction with

Method, Instrument and Calculation integrity

Methods and Instruments on the AS configuration page

Methods section on AR results capture

 and Worksheet results capture


Flow chart - AR and WS method, instrument

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