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The Bika LIMS demo has moved

The Bika LIMS demo was migrated to a new address, onto a separate server for community purposes, and .com (soon), as well as Bika Health, Water and Cannabis demos and other project infrastructure

Bika LIMS 3.4 demo installation

As per user list announcement:

LIMS 3.4 is bleeding edge and all test reports very welcome, please log these in the Github release tracker, where Ramon ( is doing a brilliant QC job release managing. We cover much of the code with unit/UI tests, gaps remain, keep'm coming.

New features include Sample Chain of Custody, Unit conversion, a few others, will list them in a follow-up, many fixes and much performance enhancement and UI simplification by and Lunga (, Campbell and Ramon. Huge respects.

Please PM me for credentials should you like a go.

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